Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures Of Jock Itch In Women Red Spots On Penis?

Red spots on penis? - pictures of jock itch in women

Hey guys, hope you can help me.

At the beginning I did not race in 2 years and I worked with 2 women in my life and I never had these symptoms. ) Since Yesturday my groin area (penis head, shaft and testicles have developed these red dots like animals. Some more than others. I bought this cream is anti-fungal and helps the itching but the redness and the spots do not disappear.

I have photographs of Jock Itch, herpes and warts, and is very difficult to know what you think. I do not think this is herpes or warts, there is no pain or discomfort when urinating, and had no symptoms of the flu. I think it is a yeast infection. Like 3 days ago, I will be with a sex toy masterbate, but not washed before use. Also do not wash with soap and water. And I went to the gym at night and sweat. I had a fungal infection, once when I was younger, but only two important points. These various points.

Ideas? : (

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