Monday, November 9, 2009

Beat Making On The Mpc 2000xl Torrent Question About AKAI Beat-making HARDWARE?

Question about AKAI beat-making HARDWARE? - beat making on the mpc 2000xl torrent

What are the differences between them:


MPK 25

MPD 24 or 32

MPK 49

I read about them. I just want to know if anyone has an idea. I am definitely a fan only .. do not try to size. Please tell me the guidelines for what they can do. I never had any experience with machines, how to do it, but I have an interest in his time. I want something portable but with MIDI interface .. the samples. How can I sit in my room with the rhythm of the machine to access a computer and plug the headset and make beats with it, but still able to use my computer when I want with FL Studio.

And what are the differences between "PC's", "CPC", "MPD" when it comes to their drivers .. and what they represent and how?

and that the question applies to the AKAIXR 20th

(I ask this because I make hip-hop beats'm interested ..)

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