Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picture Of Cervix Before Period My Friends Vagina Looks Like Something Is Coming Out Of It. I Have Had 5 Kids And Never Seen Or Herd .?

My friends vagina looks like something is coming out of it. I have had 5 kids and never seen or herd .? - picture of cervix before period

She is 20 weeks pregnant and today showed me a photo of the front and then I did (I know it sounds unpleasant, but I went to school with her for a LPN) I looked down and it seems that maybe the neck or something happened. It is not swollen or anything, everyone knows what it might be. As I said before, I had 5 children and have never experienced anything like it. I asked him to go to the emergency room. But I wanted to know if I can do something on the Internet to see. Any help would be great. More, better, then maybe they will listen. Thank you, attentive friend

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