Sunday, November 8, 2009

Large Rabbit Hutch Blueprints Is It Ok For A Ferret To Live In A Large 5 - 6ft Rabbit Hutch?

Is it ok for a ferret to live in a large 5 - 6ft rabbit hutch? - large rabbit hutch blueprints

In the first two ferrets in a few months and IM planning a large population on two floors, keeping wood rabbit. Is it right? Considering that I live in the UK and its obviously not as hot as the weather (in the U.S. even though it is likely that today, I), a spare cage for them during the day will have when the weather warm, even if the owner is not allowed, the house all the time in force. Is there anyone who stays out of the Hurons, in a large barn in the UK? Any tips? Advice?

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  1. Previously, this was how the ferret were needed before it popular as pets inside. Make sure Planty toys and hiding, tried it in a big race in the open, where to integrate it.