Thursday, November 5, 2009

Medications For Feline Ibs My Cat Has Feline Herpes, How Likely Is It To Be Transfered To Our New Kitten & What Treatments Are There?

My cat has feline herpes, how likely is it to be transfered to our new kitten & what treatments are there? - medications for feline ibs

It was with this as a kitten and its main symptoms are diagnosed brown in color management in one eye that sometimes a light house. I give all enysil day. Am I obligated to give enysil the whole day or only occur if symptoms? Does anyone know of other treatments or drugs, maybe I could go online? We just go home a kitten (3-4 months). What is the probability of HIV?

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  1. Yes
    You need to be strictly separated from each other, since they by saliva, urine, feces are transmitted, even rubbing his nose.

    "FHV-1 is removed by the discharge from the eyes of an infected cat, nose and mouth. The contact with these secretions is a possible means of transmission. The most common form of transmission appears in contact with contaminated objects that an infected cat has touched or through the inclusion of cages, food and water bowls, bedpans sneezed, clothing-be keepers, and the hands of the owner of the animal.

    FHV-1 can be transmitted through direct contact with the mouth of an infected cat, nose or eye secretions. Some days are necessary contacts occur for an infection.

    Sneezing and coughing can spread the virus as much as 4 feet.

    Many cats are infected with FHV-1 never completely virus. These cats are known as latent carriers. While no symptoms are, they harbor the virus in the nerve cells. Latent carriers spread the infection and are an important source of new infections. " / Rhino ...

    As the dose - call your vet, are not qualified to answer.