Friday, February 26, 2010

Weave Type Used By Meagan Good Why Do I Get Hit On More By White Men Now?

Why do I get hit on more by white men now? - weave type used by meagan good

I am a black woman and I recently my hair. I was the permanent nature and weave ... But now that I recently decided to go natural. This is not consistent and certainly not the tissue. First I had a curly afro and now I have this very clean and neat dreadlocks. Most people call 'locks dreadlocks in fashion because it is not the typical people are accustomed to it. They are much thinner and have a cleaner look to them. ... Anyway, I have decided to go natural .. I I have more or less black, white men approached. This has never happened ... it's interesting to me.

Has anyone any idea why I contribute myself to more of white men and less for black?

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