Thursday, February 11, 2010

Modeled Sugarpaste Cake Decorating: Differences??

Cake Decorating: Differences?? - modeled sugarpaste

I'm new and learning, and there are many terms that seem to apply to things that are very similar. Could someone clarify what these things are and what they used to? In addition, if either the same?

Gumpaste, sugar paste, dough, royal icing, butter cream, fondant, rolled fondant, fondant satin ice marshmallow

So I have now O_O

Thank you so much!


  1. The best place to find all the information you need is

    Butter frosting is a sweet butter-based frosting used to cook at home most of our cakes.

    If you've ever seen a wedding cake with the outside world "fairly light" icing, the sugar paste / rolled fondant. You can do background or cut a little caricature people and animals, too.

    Hard Candy decorations that you saw in the business, which designed, but the butter and viola, done, usually stick! ... Which are made of Royal Icing. An experienced designer can make flowers out of it, which will take a long time, even in warm conditions.

    Good luck!

  2. Gumpaste is a "mass use" to make flowers and figures, to be more realistic than Royal Icing.

    Fondant, fondant is rolled fondant satin ice, and marshmallows all the same .... Fondant! Satin Ice is a brand, and is a marshmallow house basis.

    Royal icing is used in the egg, water and powdered sugar at low speed for a long time and pipelines in a cake and a flower-making.

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