Sunday, February 14, 2010

Polyp Bladder Need Help - Gall Bladder Polyp!?

Need Help - Gall Bladder Polyp!? - polyp bladder

I received the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis in February 2009, the results showed that everything is normal. Including my normal gallbladder, and spleen was also normal.

I went to the health of students in May 2009 to check if diagnosed and found that the growth of polyps in the gallbladder and spleen is minimally enlarged.

In 4 months time, can this happen? the growth rate was 2.11mm .. I am confused and need help. What are the ways to avoid the operation and to control this? If you delete them .. how to avoid the side effects? Please explain in detail.

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  1. My sister had gallbladder problems and are at a supplement of digestive enzymes in a purple bottle at Wal-Mart before every meal and drink lots of green tea, and it has helped me a lot.