Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hidden Blade Mechanism How Could I Make Altair's/Ezio's Hidden Blade Mechanism?

How could I make Altair's/Ezio's hidden blade mechanism? - hidden blade mechanism

I wonder how the hidden blade, both Altair and Ezio that.
Ideas / programs for it? I want one done for the cause of my friend who is really in Assassin's Creed too. I also know how to (make room for the hell:
Thank you! (:


  1. Do you know the basics of scissor jacks? Prolong Well, some of us on the Internet weaponeers with the idea of a mechanism created under the scissors and retraction of the blade. A rope attached to the hand, and if it is unusable (waving his hand in a way) and extends Scissor Jack accidents. With a further movement of the hand Jack is unlocked and spring forces back in business.

    But like the poster already mentioned, there is no real and effective design () mainly because of inconsistencies in the concept art for games. If you can do the job, then congratulations, you're the first to add a killer DAOTF Hidden Blade and should receive a big load of thanks.

  2. __Insert Dirty Joke Here__February 3, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    As yet no answers ...
    I wish I could help
    I wish I could make a good one:)