Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sport Bike Themed Birthday Party When Is The Best Time To Buy A Sport Bike In Canada? How Do I Get A License?

When is the best time to buy a sport bike in Canada? How do i get a license? - sport bike themed birthday party

I'm turning 24th December. I do a lot of motorcycle experience, even though everything. And I learned not to cross * trick in an accident with the motorcycle YZ80. (we thought it would) with a stick to walk

I do not have much money, and bearing in mind that you need to buy safety equipment such as shoes .. lol what spend less money on a wheel.

How much should I spend my first road bike? Must be a sport, but the only thing. I will not get a racer or anything, anything, if it comes around next summer. I am not comfortable driving the car, and have been successfully used to the bus. I love Calgary, cpould and Travel in Edmonton, get one.

What is the best time to buy?
So I can not find good information about how get my license .. I have my students. The people in the industry of motor vehicles do not know what they are talking, and I can no information online, but I can understand.
Please help!
Thank you very much


  1. In general, the winter is a good time to buy because the sales are slow, the downside is that you end with a bicycle that you see and can not ride "until the snow melts.
    You can find that takes up a little work to get a manual and go there, then you can have a bicycle, you know, from top to bottom.
    As for licenses, check MSF classes in CA. If you find someone to interpret for you at the DMV.

  2. Like the other two people said winter is the best time if you have a little money cuz sales record attempt, has been slow. What a guy would opt Hyosung GT250R is a sport is a sport-bike size, is the price that great and give a 2 year warranty. About the license I have no idea cuz I live in California, Canada and good luck.