Sunday, January 17, 2010

Managing Shift Work How To Manage Work And Nursing A Newborn Kitten?

How to manage work and Nursing a newborn kitten? - managing shift work

I have to work in about an hour. I am caring for a newborn kitten is a work of 8 hours without food, the cat take so long?

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  1. No, a special milk-born kitten, the kitten needs, always 2 hours! Might get a neighbor to care for and feed and take kitty with you to work? Can a child out of school for the other types of care is going to work? Kitty will not last so long without the special milk! You may need to ask some people to take care of orphaned pups. You are old enough to ensure that it does not cats own.Make someone all the time while you are away!

    Your newborn kittens need approximately 32 cc (1.1 ounces) of formula per day, divided in 9 to 12 shots per day, depending on size and condition. Every two hours after I eat all day to get started. Yes, it is a challenging task, but also very interesting to your baby grows and grows

    A good idea is to provide a table and put the lunch on the left side and the days of the week at the top and the names of the people on the list who are ready at a certain time of day, in particular feed. It also leaves a note that the continuation of the bottle, how clean up after, Milk should be hot, etc.

    FOOD: For the little kitten the kitten milk replacer must (KMR is an excellent product to buy!) And some investors. There are milk substitutes puppies, too. Many vets are using a pipette or syringe for use as a small current through the KMR kitten happen. Most pet stores or veterinary clinics were bottles, too, but be aware supplemented Ideal for puppies and kittens that some cats can not suck on the picture to see full size image. Content through the small nipple. You really have to squeeze out the milk for the cat, while the pacifier in the mouth of the cat. Heat a little, well, under the hot tap water! If after hours at the local veterinary clinic, its short-term solution for an egg yolk with a can of condensed milk, mix (make sure it is not condensed milk). This is only a temporary solution, "" (!) And should be used for a few meals. In the first feedingKittens probably not worth eating a few cubic centimeters of milk. It 5cc (in a teaspoon.) They all have two hours at the beginning and gradually increase the time between meals, when they begin to eat more food each meal. Start by a small amount. If the cat does not eat readily from the nipple and the bottle, try an eye dropper or syringe and slightly liquid in the mouth, and added that the pace of the kittens. Make sure that the milk just above room temperature, do not try to wave, because there are "hot spots" may result in the milk. Follow the instructions contained in the milk replacer mixing and storage. You need to contact your veterinarian if the cat still for 24 hours nothing is eaten or extremely low. Once you get the hang of it, should the KMR eating cat. You may stop feeding if the kitten starts to decrease consumption or disinterest