Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photos Of Cervical Kyphosis Why Would My Cervix Be Dilated And I Don't Even Have Children?

Why would my cervix be dilated and I don't even have children? - photos of cervical kyphosis

Please can someone explain how it is possible for an enlarged cervix, without his ever having been pregnant and have kids.

My doctor says that my cervix like a woman, the children had.

She has no children and I have never been pregnant.

Can someone tell me, what can that be?

I tried searching the Internet and said there is no information, and I read books on reproductive health, and none of the books.

Why is my cervix is dilated, without pregnancy / birth?

Is this a sign of cancer?
I saw a photo to see how cervical cancer like?

It has signed an expanded cervix, a childless, cancer of the cervix or cervical dysplasia?

I tried searching the Internet and in books.
I just want to know what it is.
The doctor can not explain either.

I have no children.
Why the hell my cervix is dilated?
And as I read, cervical cancer, HPV is a prerequisite for cancer of the cervix and have never had HPV.

Why cervix is still expanding children?
I've never had an abortion or miscarriage well.

Please someone explain.
These books, the Internet anything.I tells me not only want an explanation.
They have no relevance to the neck, like a woman who are looking to have a child.
And if I never surprise.I cancer, a HPV because there is simply no reason why it should cancer.Only women had cancer of the cervix, HPV cervical cancer.

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  1. I have a similar collar, and there is a broad spectrum of what is normal. It took much time and care and even to a specialist to finally have a gynecologist told me that my throat looked normal, and I did not know what my doctors had said earlier male. My aunt is a doctor, said at the medical school at a time, there is a slide presentation of the fact that women's breasts and lips the size and shape - you show asked why not show slides, as the breasts and genitals of the men were in size and shape -;).
    Women are made ashamed of himself to his body in our society. We need to wake up and realize that we are all unique and individual.
    Next time, if you have a doctor and ask if you can to the cervix are also owners. It will help you with a mirror. Do you know your neck, and the love of his body.